TIGERCRUSHER shcc1680 concasor

TIGERCRUSHER shcc1680 concasor
Fotografie: TIGERCRUSHER shcc1680 concasor
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1.352 €
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≈ 1.470 $
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Tip concasor
Anul 2015
Locul de amplasare China Shanghai
Data publicării mai mult de o lună
Autoline ID BE10198
Marca 250-300
Număr de înregistrare shcm1680 stone and hard cone cru
Informaţie suplimentară: engleză
Movement type: Mobile
Crusher operation: Primary
Crusher type: Cone crusher
Output capacity (t/h): 335
Feed size (mm): 140
Production country: China
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Model SHCC1680
Cone diameter[ mm]1676
Max feed siza[ mm]267
Min discharge size [mm]22
Main motor power [kw]250-300
Weight [t]37.8
Capacity in different discharge size 7/8’’22mm[T]330
Capacity in different discharge size 1’’25mm[T]390
Capacity in different discharge size 1 1/2’’38mm[T]525
Capacity in different discharge size 2’’51mm[T]655
Capacity in different discharge size 2 2/1’’64mm[T]725
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