TIGERCRUSHER shcc1500 composite cone crusher concasor conic

TIGERCRUSHER shcc1500 composite cone crusher  concasor conic
Fotografie: TIGERCRUSHER shcc1500 composite cone crusher concasor conic
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1.357 €
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≈ 1.475 $
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Tip concasor conic
Anul 2015
Greutate cu încărcătura 27000 kg
Locul de amplasare China Shanghai
Data publicării oct 18, 2016
Autoline ID BZ10197
Marca 185-220KW
Forţă 221.24 kW (301 c.p.)
Stare excelent
Număr de înregistrare shcc1500 composite cone crusher
Informaţie suplimentară: engleză
Date of latest inspection: new
Movement type: Static
Crusher operation: Secondary
Crusher type: Cone crusher
Output capacity (t/h): 155-220
Feed size (mm): 235
Production country: China
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1. Composite cone breaking high manganese steel castings used for bodies and hard rock broken
high wear-resisting
2. Tapered roller bearings on both ends of the drive shaft
driving by overloading bevel gear
bearing use framing seal to prevent oil leakage;
3. Shield by placed inside the ball seat spring float
regulating role during the process of the machine is running;
4. To provide "spring loaded" iron release protection
so that we can ensure the normal operation of crushing system; An external
5. Cone broken including pumps
piping lubrication system. When the oil temperature is too high or low oil will automatically close the breaker.
6. Novel structure
simple and reasonable
running balance
running cost is low
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